Engagement photosession in Gordes, South of France wedding location

Step into the world of refined romance as I explore Gordes, a gem nestled in the picturesque landscape of the South of France. In this blog post, I unveil the secrets of crafting a luxury engagement photo session in Gordes, tailored for discerning couples with a penchant for sophistication.


Porto Charm: Bridging Romance in Your Engagement photoshoot

In the heart of romance and luxury lies Porto, a city that perfectly frames the love stories of adventurous Swiss couples. As a dedicated wedding photographer, I’m excited to share a tailored engagement photo session that goes beyond capturing moments – it crafts an intimate narrative of your journey together. Join me as we explore the captivating streets and scenic wonders of Porto, ensuring your photos reflect the depth of your connection amidst the charm of this enchanting city.


Engagement Photo Session at the Majestic Cliffs of Moher

cliffs of moher love

As the waves of the Atlantic crash against the rugged cliffs, a tale unfolds—one that begins in Galway and stretches its arms across borders. Meet our extraordinary couple, where one heart hails from the enchanting shores of Croatia, and the other carries the warmth of Hungary. Their union is a celebration of love that knows no boundaries, echoing the timeless beauty of the Cliffs of Moher.


Crafting Eternal Love in Lisbon – Your Dream Engagement Photoshoot

The couple’s love story began in Lisbon three years ago, and they share many interests and values. Goncalo’s profession as a model added excitement to the shoot, while Cristiana initially felt shy but eventually relaxed. I chose Lisbon’s Jardim dos Montes Claros park as the location, aiming to capture editorial yet natural imagery that showcase the couple’s intimacy against natural backdrops. My approach was to let genuine interactions unfold while bringing an editorial eye to the photoshoot.


A Breathtaking Beachside Engagement in Porto’s Warm Evening Glow

Andreea and Pedro are a recently married couple who wanted to celebrate their love with a photoshoot on the beach. Andreea is originally from Romania while Pedro hails from Portugal. The two got married just over a year ago and decided Pedro’s hometown would be the perfect backdrop for capturing their continuing romance. Though their wedding took place some time ago, their display of affection during the shoot made it seem like they had just met.


A Romantic Engagement Photoshoot in Lisbon

Lisbon provided a picturesque backdrop for Marcos and Mafalda’s recent engagement photoshoot. We began in the lush gardens of Jardim da Estrela, moved throughout the streets of the city, and ended at the iconic Praça do Comércio near the waterfront. The varied locations allowed us to capture the couple’s natural chemistry in a garden setting and finally at sunset in one of its most famous squares against the ancient architectural details of Lisbon.

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