I bring a thoughtful and tailored approach to weddings, photographing the people, details and settings with the belief that your memories should be captured with sincerity and style. 

Traveling this world has shown me the importance of noticing beauty, but also of laughing. That a good sense of humor helps you appreciate the good things in life. All I want is for your memories of love and laughter to feel alive in every photograph.

Wedding Photographer
in Ireland, Italy, & France

With A Perspective Rooted In Philosophy, Travel & Expression

in Ireland, Italy & France

Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer

Heritage is tangible and intangible. Passed down through generations. Valued today and in past times. Oftentimes involving tradition, land, language or culture. Your wedding photographs are a part of that heritage too. This is the legacy that I am happy and honored to preserve as a photographer.

Creator of Heritage

The past turned present through wedding photography.

“Nothing is worth more than laughter. It is strength to laugh and to abandon oneself, to be light.”


History Of Work

With a love for travel, I studied tourism management. From there, I went on to visit every continent. The intricate history and architecture inspired my photography career. I felt a desire to capture the scenery, to document the stories told through the textures, colors and the vast skies of the outdoors. 

I began as a landscape and wildlife photographer, exploring the terrains of Kenya and South Africa, (I’ve been on five safaris, and would go again without hesitation.)

While this gave me an opportunity to refine my work, I couldn’t continue without bringing in the human element. That is what brought me to weddings, first as a Switzerland wedding photographer, and now traveling to photograph weddings from Italy to Ireland and France.

I adore that weddings involve all forms of photography — portrait, landscape, architectural, and fashion, among others.


italy, france & Ireland Wedding photographer

Central Europe — Switzerland to be precise — is home, and where I still travel from. My mother is from an island off the coast of southeast Africa called Mauritius. There, it is lush and surrounded by turquoise waters. My grandfather comes from Ticino, an Italian-speaking region in Switzerland with alpine lakes and the signature trademarks of neoclassical architecture’s grandeur, clean lines and symmetry.

I speak French and English, and can understand some Spanish, Italian and German.


as a Switzerland wedding photographer

with a sensitivity that makes you feel comfortable from the first moment. We were lucky to have him as our wedding photographer and now we have unforgettable memories thanks to his beautiful photos.

Maikel & Sabrina | France

Philibert is an incredible

Breakfast. Freshly squeezed lemon juice, or depending on my mood, coffee or tea. Cycling. Sunsets at the lake.


Travel. Salted caramels. When something brings tears to your eyes.


Spanish. Delicious gin cocktail recipes. Knitting (working on a scarf for my niece).


Of a better world, and one day owning a house in the northern hemisphere, (Scotland, Norway or Sweden).

Taking Time

To hike. Cook a homemade meal. Listen to music. Make others laugh with a pun.


Traveled for 8 months: Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, China and Southeast Asia.

Even more

Values. Scenic Views. Your Vision. This Is Just The Start.

For the couples who prefer expression over extravagance. The subtle luxury, the abundant florals, the memories that give you a new passion for life.

Italy, France & Ireland Wedding Photographer

Creating a strong impression while curating photographs that endure. Italy. France. Ireland. Based in Switzerland.